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Project :
Social Media Optimization


Targeted ads with postal code

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Australia, where this brand opens a business, has a unique crowd rule during a pandemic, namely that they can leave the house within a certain radius, which results in brands with offline stores such as Pinchys having to work together with other stores to get a wide audience

When the lockdown, all businesses experience a significant drop in turnover. Including Pinchys, but this bar and lounge concept restaurant in Australia has a project that makes it easier for the audience to buy its products during lockdown.

They made a Pinchys tour project in collaboration with other restaurants, so that the audience can still buy even though their distance to Pinchys is more than 5 km. We help them to distribute promo brochures digitally and define a marketing funnel to get an effective customer journey for them.



Learn about the Australian market about their main interest in seafood food

Reset the Facebook pixel on their website so that the marketing funnel can have funnel purchases.

Classifying the audience with 3 potential audience hypotheses that we distribute to get leads

With the concept of the tour, our main objective is the maximum reach of the audience in the area. We use the targeting location in the form of a post code with a maximum distance of 5 km from the cafe that works with Pinchys


With the Facebook pixel that we set up according to the audience's journey, we can maximize all the audience actions on the website.


Advertise them with different content for each funnel from information to hardselling according to the city of the cafe. When the pandemic has managed to get a total purchase above 10,500, it is something that makes us proud.

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